evaLIGHT EV-1000 Personal Air Conditioner + Additional Cartridge

evaLIGHT EV-1000 Personal Air Conditioner + Additional Cartridge

Product Guide

Save €6.00 when you buy a personal Air Conditioner + additional cartridge

Evapolar Air Conditioner comes with an Evapolar Evaporative Cartridge as well as a power cord, a power adapter, a Quick Start Guide and a user manual (English).

Evapolar’s Evaporative Cartridge is an important part of the Evapolar Air Conditioner & Humidifier, and it needs to be replaced every 3-6 months in order to maintain Evapolar’s cooling capacity.

The material is a compound of natural basalt fibers, which has a huge evaporative surface and creates a strong capillary effect, allowing Evapolar to create the most energy efficient personal air cooler. The material filters out dust from the air and prevents mold and bacteria from growing inside while remaining eco-friendly and fully biodegradable.


Cooling power: up to 1200 BTU/hr
Cooling square: 32 ft2 (3 m2)
Noise level: 28–40 dB


Power consumption: 10W
Micro-USB plug 5V 2A
Works with USB power bank


Size: 6.87 × 6.70 × 6. 69 inches
(174 × 170 × 170 mm)
Weight (without water): 2.87 lbs (1.3 kg)
Water tank capacity: 25.36 fl oz (750 ml)


Water tank refill cycle: every 4-6 hours
Cartridge replacement frequency:
every 3-6 months

You can download the full Evapolar Product Guide here:


Crystal white

Magic black

Royal blue





evaLIGHT EV-1000 Personal Air Conditioner + Additional Cartridge



Because Evapolar Air Conditioner works best in hot, dry climates, its performance and efficiency may vary under different temperature and humidity conditions. Please take a look at the Outgoing Temperature table in the “How It Works” section to estimate the outgoing temperature depending on your conditions.